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Selexi revamps remote tests by introducing requirements now indispensable to ensure innovative and inclusive selections and assessments.

ExamOnline, with its advanced technology, offers a reliable, secure and easy-to-use platform for every type of test.

A proctoring platform designed to simplify every aspect of online test management, from test creation to evaluation, ensuring a seamless experience.

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How it works?

ExamOnline revolutionises online assessments with intuitive technology and advanced functionality. Our simple user interface allows you to create and manage customised tests, from multiple choice to open-ended answers. Users access tests from any device, in a clear and seamless environment.

We guarantee integrity with sophisticated monitoring tools, such as real-time tracing and anti-plagiarism systems. ExamOnline makes every test a safe and stress-free experience, supporting institutes, companies and candidates.

Explore a new dimension of efficiency and security with ExamOnline.

Why Choose ExamOnline

Choosing ExamOnline means you are guaranteed a secure, flexible, and advanced online assessment experience. Discover the unique benefits that make it the preferred choice for students and professionals.

With ExamOnline, security has never been stronger. From advanced monitoring during testing to data encryption, it ensures that every test is secure and fraud-free.

ExamOnline has an intuitive design that makes it easy to create, administer and submit tests, without the need for extensive technical training.

Whether it’s a small company or an entire institution, ExamOnline fits all needs, delivering flawless performance regardless of the load.

With the automatic evaluation system, results are available immediately after the tests are completed, allowing for quick review and feedback.


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The success of ExamOnline:
the experience of trainers and HR

“For over a year, I have been using ExamOnline for assessments in corporate training. The platform makes it easy to create and customize exams and offers detailed analytics on employee performance. It has improved the effectiveness of our training programs and receives positive feedback from the team ."

Corporate trainer

“I used ExamOnline to get certified in my new job. The platform was reliable and full of study resources, allowing me to prepare from the comfort of home. Online proctoring ensured the integrity of the exam. I am very satisfied and recommend it to anyone looking for career advancement."

HR Manager

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